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About the Book

Poor Gust wants to help! But what can he do? The lone wind turbine at a busy port, he watches over everything in the water and on land. The people and machines are always on the move, but not Gust. All day long, the workers swirl around him like the wind while he is stuck standing still. He can't do what everyone else does. Is there a job for Gust? Everything changes one night when Gust asks his friend, the Port Director, for help. His answer surprises Gust - and it might surprise you!

Join Gust in his journey to discover how a little wind turbine can have a BIG impact. At a time when climate conversations happen at the dinner table, this is the true story of how one small wind turbine made the Port of Milwaukee fully energy independent and produced enough electricity to share with the surrounding city!


Gust has something for everyone. Fans of big construction vehicles will enjoy the many characters found working at a port. Curious young environmentalists will learn how wind power can be a renewable energy source. And adult readers will love how Gust's tale reminds children that, by working together and contributing their own unique gifts, they can make a difference too. Gust is a story of how everyone - no matter how big or small - can help to better their community and their world.

"Gust is an adorable story about all the happenings of a port from the perspective of the cutest wind turbine. Our kids love learning about vehicles but this story is completely different from any of their other books and has a great message. It’s become a bedtime staple and they now love pointing out all the 'Gusts' they see in real life!"

Maya S.

Meet the Author

Katie Meyer

Katie has read a myriad of books, taught books in schools, and is now writing her own books! A lifelong book-lover, Katie has inspired countless student readers and writers in her roles as elementary teacher, reading specialist, and literacy coach. Her debut children's book, Gust, shares the story of a little wind turbine with a big impact. Katie hopes that readers of Gust will find new stories and relatable characters in their everyday lives, see the world around them in a different way, and become responsible citizens of our beautiful world.

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